- july 20TH in Nashville WAS AMAZING -



Hello Stepmoms!

I'm Tammy Daughtry and I have been a stepmom for almost ten years. I grew up with an amazing stepmom and my daughter has had a wonderful stepmom for 15 years.  

On July 20th we just had our first STEPMOM CONNECTION event in Nashville, TN and had stepmoms together from 9 states for a day of worship, laughter, tears, inspiration and authentic connection.

It was amazing to CONNECT with other women from around the country who GET us. Being a stepmom is a unique experience and we invite all women who ARE and are ABOUT TO BE or maybe USED TO BE a stepmom to join in on the fun! Women who work alongside stepmoms are also invited. Come and CELEBRATE and CREATE and UNPACK the unique challenges and blessings of being a STEPMOM.

We can't walk this journey alone - we are BETTER TOGETHER!!

We are doing our second free DIGITAL EVENT on 10/16/19!

Bring another stepmom with you or come alone and find your TRIBE! We will have a registration link available through Eventbrite.  It's a free "digital event" and you can log on from anywhere in the world! It will run from 7pm - 8pm central.

I will emcee - Tammy Daughtry, Founder of CoParenting International -

We will hear inspiring stories from Gayla Grace of Family Life and Stepparenting with Grace, Lauren Palacios of Highpoint Church, and Mickey McCloud Pitts of Downline Ministries

The theme for October is Community!! November 16th and Dec 16th speakers are all confirmed as well. So keep us tuned in on your calendar every month on the 16th!

**If you can't join live each month you can watch later. Be sure to register before the 16th to get the link!!

Last thing... we will be announcing our 2020 plans soon. Stay tuned or send us your email so we are sure to include you in the first wave of info. You can do that on the "contact us" tab. Looking forward to 2020!!

Thanks for sharing!

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With JOY, Tammy Daughtry

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We can't do this alone and we are not meant to. We will hear from stepmoms who have been in the journey for years and some that are just getting started. Together we can learn and experience ideas that will transform our families.

We will discuss tough topics like dealing with the ex, what about infertility, how do we step parent kids whose parent has died? We will also highlight issues around marriage, siblings, managing expectations and so much more!